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Gosport Independent Panel

Correspondence from Private Secretary to the Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health re 'Gosport War Memorial Hospital' refers to copy of dossier papers presented by a group of nurses at the GWMH

Refers to: Sir Liam, L Foster, Steve King (Nurse Manager, Elderly Services), Dr Bee Wee, Medicine, Gerrie Whitney (Community Tutor), UKCC Code of Professional Conduct, Bill Hooper, Sue Frost and Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Health Authority. Enclosing: 1. Correspondence from Keith Murray (Branch Convenor, Royal College of Nursing) to Mrs Beverley Turnbull, Mrs Anita Tubbritt, Mrs I Evans (Patient Care Manager, Gosport War Memorial Hospital) (dated 11 January 1992, 10 December 1991, 2 December 1991), Chris West (District General Manager, St Mary's Hospital), Tony Horne (General Manager Community Unit), Max Millett (Unit General Manager), Mr S Barnes (RCN) 2. Minutes from a meeting held on 17 December 1991 at Redclyffe Annexe for 'staff who had concerns related to the use of Diamorphine within the unit', attendees : Mrs I Evans (Patient Care Manager, Gosport War Memorial Hospital), Dr Logan (Consultant Geriatrician), Dr Barton Clinical Assistant, Sister Hamblin, SN Donne, SN Barrett, SN Giffin, SN Tubbritt, EN Wigfall and EN Turnbull. Associated with: DOH000001.


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23 Sep 2002
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Department of Health
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