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Gosport Independent Panel

Privacy policy

What information have we collected about you?

The Gosport Independent Panel has collected information about patients, their families and individual and organisational stakeholders in support of its Terms of Reference. This may include medical information and personal data supplied by either the data subject or other third-party stakeholders. The Panel will complete its work on 20 June 2018 when its report is published. At that point, the Panel will cease to exist, although this website will continue to be maintained for some time.

How did we use the information about you?

The Gosport Independent Panel has used personal data to inform its work in compliance with its Terms of Reference. Where it has been possible to trace the families of those involved, the Panel has sought consent to publish personal data as appropriate. Where it has not been possible to trace living relatives of patients, or where consent to publish has been refused, personal data contained in documents made available to the Panel has been redacted or removed. Death certificates and complete medical records from the time of treatment at Gosport War Memorial Hospital have not been placed in the public domain as part of the online archive. Where consent was given, extracts from or references to these records may be found in the Panel’s Report and on the website. These may appear in documents created during the course of subsequent investigation into the circumstances of the death of the person concerned.

Where the Panel was made aware of the involvement of individuals within organisations who held positions of influence or were decision makers, it established a protocol relating to the publication or redaction of the personal data of such individuals. This Redaction framework was provided to all organisational stakeholders. Where stakeholders did not agree with the framework, this is dealt with in our Report.

Access to your information and correction

Personal data that has not been published but is held by the Panel will normally only be made available to data subjects on request, together with personal data relating to deceased relatives where appropriate. This process, which includes arrangements for any correction, is dealt with by reference to the arrangements for protecting data after 20 June 2018. Information about assistance that is available can be found here.