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Website FAQ

1. What is the difference between ‘search’ and ‘browse’?

‘Search’ allows you to look through the online archive of documentation by entering a specific term. This term can be a name, for example the name of a patient, or a word that you wish to search the documents for. You can also search the entire website using the global site search, visible in the top right-hand corner of this website. 

‘Browse’ allows you to look through the disclosed material, which is grouped according to certain predefined headings. You can browse:

  • by contributor (by the organisation or individual who contributed the material)

  • by investigation (those investigations referred to frequently in the Report).

Please note that ‘search by the name of a patient’ is similar to ‘browse by contributor’ and ‘browse by investigation’ because it is a guided way of filtering the documentation. However, to search by the name of a patient you are required to enter the name of a patient, rather than view a defined list that you can select from. This is to provide some privacy to the patients who have been named in the Report.

For more information, see What is ‘browse‘ and how does it work? and How do I search by the name of a patient?