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Gosport Independent Panel

Website FAQ

9. I used ‘search by the name of a patient’ but didn’t get any document results. Why?

‘Search by the name of a patient’ may not include the names of all the patients who died at Gosport War Memorial Hospital. You may search for a name and receive no results. This might happen for several reasons:

  • Documents may refer to a person using a name that is different from their birth name, or an incorrect spelling. The website attempts to find documents that match a patient’s name, regardless of misspellings and alternative names, but may not unearth the material you expect. Please try searching for a patient by their full given name (first name and surname) at the time in question.

  • The person you are trying to search for may not be a patient. Instead, try ‘browse by investigation’, ‘browse by contributor’ or the global site search in the top right-hand corner of the website.

  • The patient name you are trying to search for may not be mentioned in the documents that have been provided to the Panel. Try the global site search to see if the name is mentioned elsewhere in the Panel’s Report or on the website pages.

  • The patient name you are trying to search for might not be connected to the work of this particular Panel.