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Gosport Independent Panel

Statement of Anita Tubbritt (Nurse)

Refers to: Fareham and Gosport Primary Care Trust, Senior Staff Nurse (Gosport War Memorial Hospital), qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1986, Beechcroft Manor Rest Home in Gosport as a Staff Nurse (August 1986), Staff Nurse at Redcliffe Annex (Gosport War Memorial Hospital in 1987), geriatric ward, medicines, Clinical Assistant appointed (1991), Dr Jane Barton (Clinical Assistant), Dr Peters, Dr Beasley, Dr Knapman, Dr Lord, Sister Green, Syringe driver, Mrs Evans (patient care manager), Marie Curie nurse, training arranged for the use of Syringe Drivers, Elderly Care Course at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Geri Whitney, Royal College of Nursing, meeting with Geri, Sylvia Green, Beverley Turnbull, Agnes Howard, Betty Williams, Lizzy Ball, UKCC code, code of conduct, Graham Pink, Gill Hamblin (Ward Manager), Dr Logan, Redcliffe Annex became Dryad Ward, CHI, report published by the CHI, Harold Shipman, documents handed to Toni Scammell, JEP/GWMH/1, meeting (dated 18 September 2002) between Anita Tubbritt, Beverley Turnbull, Jane Parvin, Toni Scammell and Berry Woodland (RCN representative), JEP/GWMH/1/A and Edith Chilvers. Statement number S33. Associated with HCO002548. [Document 4 of 15 from Document ID T505]


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31 Oct 2002
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Hampshire Constabulary
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