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Gosport Independent Panel

Online archive

Some documents in this archive contain redactions. These are coded as follows: Code A – personal or sensitive data; Code B – subject to legal and professional privilege; Code C – information considered to be subject to the law of confidence.

  • Search by the full name of a patient appearing in the documents

    Over 100 patients were affected by the events at Gosport War Memorial Hospital in the period 1980 to 2000, which the Panel has examined. A full patient name entered in this search box will only appear if it is mentioned in one or more of the documents that have been published on this website. If you would like to search the Panel’s Report instead, please use the website search bar at the top right of this website.

  • Browse by contributor

    Use this feature if you want to see a list of the individuals and organisations who contributed documents, now published in this archive, and view these documents.

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    There have been numerous investigations into the events at Gosport War Memorial Hospital. Use this feature to see those documents relating to investigations that have already happened, before the work of the Gosport Independent Panel.

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    Here you can search all the documents available in the online archive. Filters and searching by date allow you to narrow down the list of results.