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Gosport Independent Panel

Expert overview

Between 1999 and 2013, at least 31 experts were involved in looking at events and patient deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

These experts were instructed by a number of different individuals and organisations, including Hampshire Constabulary, the Coroner, the General Medical Council, the Chief Medical Officer and the Health Ombudsman.

The experts’ input and contributions ranged from carrying out a preliminary screening of a number of cases to producing a full and detailed report (or sometimes numerous reports) on one or more patients.

The experts’ opinions and reports were relied upon by the individuals and organisations named above to make decisions and reach conclusions about patient deaths.

The Expert Overview provides a summary of the involvement of each expert identified by the Panel. It should be read alongside the Panel’s Report.

Where the Panel has not received consent from the family to publish the patient’s name, that name has been changed to a random letter.

Please download the Expert Overview by clicking here.