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Gosport Independent Panel

Documents created by the Panel

Here you will find documents created by the Panel in the course of its work. Some documents contain redactions. These are coded as follows: Code A – personal or sensitive data; Code B – subject to legal and professional privilege; Code C – information considered to be subject to the law of confidence.

  • Access and Disclosure Protocol

    Access to documentation held by stakeholders other than the families was initially managed through an access and disclosure protocol, put in place by the Panel and largely adopted by stakeholders.

  • Redaction Framework

    Initially, all stakeholders were asked to provide, in confidence, any information held by them relevant to the Panel’s Terms of Reference. They were later asked to identify any of the information that they did not wish to be published, and to justify why.

  • Stakeholder certificates

    To ensure that organisations and individuals carried out exhaustive searches for information relevant to the terms of reference of the Report the Panel asked for certification from each of them that this had been done. A list of those who supplied such certificates and those who did not can be found within the Report and here.

  • Key Clinical Team Table

    The Key Clinical Team (KCT) Table was prepared by the Panel during its review of all the available material and in order to assist the Panel in the preparation of its report. This table reveals what the documents say about the KCT screening process and should be read in conjunction with Chapter 5 and the Expert Overview.

  • Expert overview

    Between 1999 and 2013, at least 31 experts were involved in looking at events and patient deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

  • Timeline

    The Panel created a timeline to help with understanding the sequence of events relevant to the Panel’s Terms of Reference.

  • Family liaison meetings

    A number of families attended family liaison meetings, which were held four times a year, the first taking place on 9 December 2014 and a further 12 occurring before disclosure of the Report. The meetings were used to keep families up to date with the progress of the Panel, while ensuring that there was no breach of the principle of ‘no piecemeal disclosure’, and were also intended to provide an environment where families could meet to talk and share their experiences. All families, including those who were unable to attend the family liaison meetings, were sent notes of these meetings to ensure that they were kept informed of the progress of the Panel’s work. The agendas for these meetings and the relevant notes for Families can be found here.

  • Panel meeting minutes

    Minutes of the meetings of the Gosport Independent Panel, which were held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis between 2015 and 2018.

  • Post Publication Amendments

    Here you will find documents which have been amended following the publication of the Report of the Panel.